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Parent Handbook



Our Mission

Rising Stars Preschool’s mission is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for children in southern Deschutes County. We strive to deliver an age appropriate program that meets the needs of all children and families. Our goal is to prepare our students to be socially ready to transition from Preschool to Kindergarten.



Rising Stars Preschool is a non-profit corporation managed by an Executive Board of Directors who provides oversight to the management of the preschool program. Our Board meets monthly to continually focus on funding and aides in the day to day operations of the preschool.  The Board of Directors communicates closely with the director and teachers to enhance the success of every child’s early educational experience. Ask your child’s teacher how you can become a member of our team!


Services Provided

We serve 32 children and families with an age appropriate early childhood educational experience. We offer a Three year old Class two days per week with a total of 16 children and a four year class with a total of 16-18 children. At Rising Stars your child will be served a snack daily as well as an opportunity to play outdoors (weather permitting). Your child will experiment, make new friends and learn/master many skills that will encourage growth and development.


How our Students Develop on Track for Learning

*show increased willingness to cooperate

*express feelings verbally rather than physically

*make and develop strong friendships

*respect the property rights of others

*show increased skills in self-regulation  

*follow classroom routines and rules

*build on letter knowledge for the letters in “their name”



Rising Stars Preschool is an equal opportunity provider and employer




          A.M. Three year old Class:                        Tues. & Thurs.                    9:00-12:00 P.M.

            $125.00 per Month


            A.M. Four year old Class:               Mon. , Wed., Fri.               9:00-12:00 P.M.

            $175.00 per Month



Enrollment is open to all children who are 3 by September 1. Enrollment will be granted without discrimination in regard to sex, race, color, religion, or beliefs. The proper paperwork must be completed and submitted for enrollment. Medical reports and emergency contact information must be current at all times.





A non-refundable $50.00 registration fee will be collected upon registration for preschool.

The registration fee covers costs towards classroom purchases which provide basic classroom materials and needs for every child throughout the school year.


Tuition is due in full by the 5th of the month. If tuition payment is not paid by the 15th of the month, you will be charged a $50.00 late payment penalty for non-payment of tuition . If payment is not received by the 20th of the month, your child may be dropped from the program. Returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 fee along with any applicable bank charges. If checks are returned more than once, we will be on a cash only basis for the rest of the school year. Tuition payments will not be able to be “held” under any circumstances.   A June deposit will be collected by August 5th for early registrants or along with 1st month’s tuition if registering later than August. Regular tuition payments will begin in September and end in May. The June deposit will then be your tuition for June. June deposit may be returned if a two week notice is given.


Late pick up fee: from 12:10 on we charge $2.00 per every five minutes of being late, failure to pick up child will be noted, will be subject to child abuse report being made if no contact has been made.




Where to send payments:

Tuition may be delivered to your child’s classroom and placed in the payment box or mailed to the school’s P.O. Box at:

Rising Stars Preschool

PO Box 866

La Pine, OR 97739-0866


A 10% discount towards tuition will be given to families with more than one child enrolled in the preschool or for children enrolled in both classes. We also offer a volunteer discount.



We only offer partial Scholarships. Applications are available to families that are in need of financial assistance to aid in the cost of tuition. Scholarship Funds vary annually and are awarded at the Board of Directors discretion. Initial scholarship applications will be reviewed during the month of August, with the intent to award scholarships before the beginning of the school year.   We work diligently to insure that families of all income levels are able to attend. Scholarship Forms are available in the office. If you feel your family can benefit from financial assistance please see the Office Administrator. Failure to pay regular scholarship payments will result in the loss of your scholarship. Please see “Tuition” requirements for further information regarding payments. *Tuition payments are to be paid in full monthly from start date through the month of June.



Tuition reimbursement will be honored when tuition is paid for the month in advance of the child no longer attending. In order for tuition to be reimbursed and/or to avoid further charges to your account, you must give a two week written notice in advance by the 15th of the month that your child will no longer be attending school. No reimbursement will be given if the child comes for part of the month and then drops from the program. Written notices must be given to the Office Administrator. Rising Stars reserves the right to discontinue service to a family if financial commitments are not met or if it becomes apparent that the program is not equipped to meet the psychological or developmental needs of the child. Written notification will be given to the parents to allow for ample time to find alternative care. The teachers/director will make every effort to resolve any problems prior to termination.



Children who are three to five years old on or *before September 1st , are eligible to enter preschool. **Children must be potty trained and able to care for themselves while toileting.** If you have any concerns with your child’s toileting, please see your child’s teacher. If your child is older than 5 years old on September 1st, then he/she is not eligible for our program.




Parent volunteers are always welcome in our classroom! You may volunteer in the classroom or assist in many other ways. We have a program in place for parents to receive a discount in tuition by way of volunteering. You must attend an annual mandatory “Volunteer Training” which will be offered twice per year. Successful completion of a Criminal History Background Check is also required before permitted to volunteer in the classroom.




All staff are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. They are required by law to report suspected abuse and neglect.




If an emergency arises, a qualified staff will administer first aid care, call the parent, and if necessary, emergency medical personnel. Staff will accompany the child to the nearest hospital in the ambulance if needed. The staff will remain with the child until the parent arrives. An accident report and incident report will be logged in child’s file and a copy given to the parent within 24 hours of any injury. In the event of a school wide emergency, such a fire, children will be safely escorted out of the area and staff will begin phone calls to parents for pick up and location. In the event of a lock down, at La Pine Elementary or La Pine High, we will also be on lock down procedures. All children will remain inside away from window with curtains closed. All outside doors will be locked until all clear from police or school officials.



School Days




Arts and Crafts:

The majority of our projects are focused around the holidays and theme units. Arts and craft projects stimulate a child’s mind to be creative. These activities also assist in development of fine and gross motor skills. Children also achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment through the development of projects.   Open –ended art allows the child to explore the use of various materials and processes and enjoy what happens.   Craft projects are designed to help children develop their creativity and the use of specific skills.   Uneven or lopsided projects are to be expected from all children of this age.   The children are in the process of learning. It is the “process not the product” that is important. Please keep this in mind and treat all of your children’s projects as masterpieces!

Circle Time:

Circle time provides the children with the opportunity to interact with each other as a group.   During this time, we will learn calendar skills, weather skills, sing songs, play games, read stories and learn about each other.

Kindergarten Readiness:

Children will be taught the necessary skills to ensure success in kindergarten. Areas of focus will be on getting in a line and following 3 step directions.

Learning centers:

These areas are set up by teachers and students and are changed monthly to fit the theme for the month. Materials and equipment in each area may promote social or individual play. Learning centers may be designed around a theme or cues from the children.

Letters and Numbers:

Children will learn to recognize, identify, and eventually write some letters and numbers. Games, songs, daily projects, and name writing will solidify these concepts.


Manipulatives develop organizational skills like sorting, counting, comparing, classifying, matching, and shape recognition.

Self- help skills:

Staff will assist children in areas of practical life and self-help development by providing activities that encourage using undeveloped skills. The goal for children of all ages is to promote positive self-esteem and competence. Whether buttoning, pouring, folding, preparing food, or cleaning a table, children experience real life situations and activities that encourage them to expand their independence.

Sensory Experiences:

Children will be provided with a wide variety of hands on, concrete, real world sensory experiences. They will begin to discuss and learn all about their senses and how to use them.

Small groups:

This time is a more structured time of the day. During small group time, children may work on projects, games & puzzles, letter activities and social skills.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Themes:

We have general weekly themes that are established to promote developmental skills, and to enrich all children’s understanding of their world. The themes have educational, social, cultural, and emotional value.

Weekly Exercise:

Each week children will take part in an exercise program. Not only will we get our hearts pumping, we will also explore where the heart is and all parts of the body awareness.



                                30 min. - Welcome Circle

                                      15 min. - Write Name

                                      30 min -   Free Exploration

                                      30 min. - HandWashing/Snack

                                      30 min. - Outside

                                      15 min. - Circle

                                      20 min. - Table Work

                                      10 min. -   good bye circle music/movement





It is our policy that you may not drop off your child any earlier than 5 minutes before class time. Please plan on arriving and departing on time. We all have places to go and time is precious to us all. Child care is not provided after class, a late fee of $2.00 for failure to pick up your child on time will accrue for every five minutes until the child is picked up from school. If your child will be absent from school, please call and let the teacher know. Communication is the key to success!

ARRIVAL AND Departure:

The parking lot at the Community Campus can become very congested, please only park in designated parking spots. Children must be escorted into the building and signed in. Separation can be stressful for the parent or the child; please do not attempt to sneak out without saying goodbye to your child. Children will be released only to those persons listed on the permission to release form.



Please refer to the Yearly Calendar for no school days. During the winter months, please listen to the radio, news casts or refer to 323-SNOW (541- 323-7669) or check our Facebook page for closures. Please be advised that if there is a *Two-Hour Delay for Deschutes County schools, all classes will be canceled for the day. Our staff will make a courtesy call in the event there is a Two-Hour Delay or Closure for the first occurrence. After that, you will need to responsible for checking on closures. Please note that missed instructional days due to school closures beyond Rising Stars Preschool’s control (i.e weather related or building closures) will not be made up.


Vacation/Missed Days: Rising Stars Preschool understands that families take time off for vacations or other events. Please be aware you are paying for your child’s spot in our program. There will be no reimbursement or prorating of monthly tuition due to an extended absence or illness.



We will attempt to go outside daily (weather permitting), so please send your child dressed appropriately for weather and for getting messy. Winter months: send snow pants, boots, hat, gloves and a coat to keep them dry. Please label your child’s clothing! If your child is well enough to come to school, he/she should be able to play outside. When buying indoor or outdoor clothing for school, make sure the child can put them on himself/herself. It’s a good idea to send your child an extra set of clothing to be kept in your child’s backpack, just in case an accident should occur. Please label clothing if possible.

*Please send a backpack with your child daily, for a place to keep their items they bring to and from school. Be sure to label the backpack with a first and last name on the inside.



Daily snacks are provided by the preschool for every enrolled child. We strive to provide fun and healthy snacks as best we can.    



It is our policy that meal substitutions will not be allowed without a doctor’s note. If your child has any food allergies you must inform your child’s teacher and provide us with documentation from your health care provider stating the doctor’s food recommendations for our records so that we may maintain the health and safety of your child.



Toys from home can pose a problem or end up getting broke, so please do not bring toys from home. If toys do end up sneaking in, we will either store them in the office or in the parent cubbies until the end of class. Rising Stars Preschool is not responsible for lost or damaged items.            



If you would like to provide a treat in honor of your child’s birthday, they must be store bought, unless you use our approved kitchen on campus. Let your child’s teacher know so that preparations can be made.



Field trips will be planned occasionally. Prior to each trip, information will be sent home detailing the date, time, cost, location, chaperones, etc.   The permission slip must be signed and returned to the teacher in order for the child to attend. We welcome parents to join us for trips. Most of our field trips are to areas in town that we can walk to. Please have your child wear his/her Rising Star’s Preschool T-shirt for all field trips. Our end of the year field trip is usually held in Bend; therefore, self -transportation is required for the end of the year field trip.



Please plan to attend parent-teacher conferences for your child. At this time we will have a chance to visit one on one, to share information and discuss your child’s progress. Your family will be offered a minimum of two conferences per school year. You will be notified of the times for conferences by your child’s teacher. Refer to Yearly Calendar for scheduled conference dates. There will be NO SCHOOL on conference days.



All teachers at Rising Stars preschool manage behavior in our classroom in a non-punitive, age appropriate manner.   Our policy is to re-direct a child to a more appropriate behavior, activity or language. We work on instructing the students what they can do instead of telling them what they can’t do. For example, “we walk inside the building” rather than “No running”.   Our students will be encouraged to learn problem solving skills by giving them the opportunity to choose alternatives that will enable them to participate in a socially acceptable manner without reinforcing their negative behavior. For example, if a child is having difficulty sitting quietly during a story, he/she will be asked to go to the library and look at a book independently until the student can return to the group.


Staff will use positive enforcement while supervising children, encouraging them to cooperate and continue using appropriate behaviors. Children will be redirected to an alternate activity if their behavior continues to be inappropriate. An example is when a child is doing something that could hurt others, themselves, or destroying property and choosing not to use problem- solving techniques. Teacher will continue to be an active listener and support the child with conflict resolution. If the child has continued issues with behavioral problems, a parent-teacher conference and action plan will be implemented. If failure to insure safety for all children due to an ongoing problem, and action plan does not help, the child may be expelled from school.


No child shall be subject to physical corporal punishment, humiliated, frightened, verbally abused, or denied food, rest or bathroom facilities. Children will never be disciplined for toileting accidents, sleep habits, or food consumption. Any violation of this discipline policy should be reported to the director immediately.



When there becomes a concern from either the parents or the teachers, a conference will be held to discuss concerns and options. Rising Stars Preschool will make every effort to lead the parents in the correct direction for assistance. The parent/teacher/director will work together as a team to document all concerns.



For attendance at public, private, or parochial schools through the 12th grade, and at certified day care centers & preschools, children must be: Fully immunized as required; or

be in the process of receiving immunizations; or have accurate and complete immunizations on file with Rising Stars Preschool.




It is best to keep your child home until they are feeling well and will not share their illness with others. However minor illnesses such as a runny nose or a slight cough should not keep your child home from school. Your child may not attend if they have any of the following conditions:

Pinkeye- Eyes must not be gooping before they may return.

Fever- 100 degrees or higher.

Chicken Pox- All spots must be scabbed over before your child may return.

Vomiting- It must be 24 hours since they have last vomited before returning.

Diarrhea- It must be 24 hours since the last loose stool.

Lice- Child’s hair must have been treated with lice shampoo and must be nit free. We will discreetly check your child’s hair upon returning to school.

Contagious Illness- Any contagious illness that requires antibiotics; must have completed the dosage required for the first 24 hours before returning to school.



If it is medically necessary for our staff to administer any medications to your child while at school, the following guidelines must be followed to insure the well being of your child;

  1. A written note must accompany the medication stating the following; what it is for, instructions for administering medication, permission for the teacher to administer, parent signature and date.
  2. Medication must be brought to school by the parent in the original prescription container. Medication will be returned home with parent.
  3. Changes in your child’s medication or dosage must be received in writing, change must be noted on the prescription label as well.
  4. Staff must document the dosages and time that the medication was given to the child.




Communication between home and school is extremely important in order to ensure the success of your child. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have with your child’s teacher or the director.   It may not be possible for you to have a long conversation with your child’s teacher at drop-off or pick-up times as the teachers are responsible for supervising all of the children in their care. If you have a special concern, a meeting or phone conference may be arranged.   Rising Stars Preschool provides many opportunities for parents to receive information on the progress of their child as well as the activities and events at our school. The following types of communication may be used:

  • Daily reports: in communication notebook, please do not take notes out of notebook, we will gladly make a copy if you need one.
  • Parent conferences: two conferences a year offered, more as needed
  • Information Board: the white board outside the classroom will list important upcoming events
  • Monthly calendar and newsletter: will have information about units of study, snack, and any other pertinent information *note this is usually a two side document
  • Web site: www.risingstarspreschool.org is used for general preschool information
  • Phone calls and Emails: as needed


How to Contact Us:

Rising Stars Preschool


           Physical Address:                                           Mailing Address:

               51605 Coach Rd.                                              P.O. Box 866

               La Pine, OR. 97739                                          La Pine, OR. 97739

Phone Number:


Fax: 541-536-5801

E-Mail Address: risingstarspreschool@hotmail.com



Contact Information