Scholarship Information

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Scholarship Information - application can be printed under registration packet


                  Scholarship awards for 2016/2017 school year will be awarded in August

Rising Stars works hard to be sure that every child and family has an equal opportunity to participate in our program.  Scholarships are awarded based on overall need of each qualifying applicant.  Highest priority will be given to registrants whom apply for financial assistance by June 2016. 

Scholarship awarded on or before August 2016

All appropriate income documentation must be turned in full for consideration of a scholarship. 

Documentation: a copy of current tax return

Also note that income eligibility is by gross income



For the 2016/2017 school year we will be offering a ½ off tuition for help in the classroom for one positions in each class as a clean up helper.    The time commitment for the position is very important; hence that is why we are offering a partial scholarship.  The position requires a minimum of an hour of time per class day.    Cleanup helpers must obtain a criminal background check and be able to bend and lift things, such as a mop bucket.  The drawing for each position will take place at our August Board meeting .   

We will continue to offer discounts for those participating in our volunteer program.  A $20.00 off tuition discount will be available for volunteers in our Tuesday / Thursday Class.  A $30.00 off tuition discount will be available for qualifying volunteers in our Monday / Wednesday / Friday Class.  As in the past, mandatory volunteer training and criminal background check is required.

Only one type of discount may be applied at a time.

It is our goal to provide the best quality program we can at the best possible cost.  Sincerely, Rising Stars Preschool