Messages from the Board

January 1, 2023

The next Board of Directors meeting will be Wednesday, January 18 @ 6 pm via Zoom. If you would like to attend please email to request a link.

Board of Directors meetings will be held monthly on the third Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm. This could change due to scheduling conflicts.

Please consider joining the Board of Directors for the 2022-2023 school year! It’s a great way to get involved and help our school! You do not have to be a parent of a preschooler to join! In fact we have past/current preschool parents, community members and one of our preschool graduates on our Board!

If you or someone you know would like more information about how to join or what a Board Member does, please see our Director for details and/or check out our link to our Bylaws!

Board of Directors

Rising Stars Preschool Board of Directors

Board President – Alanna Tabuyo

Secretary – Lexi Parish

Treasurer – McKenzie Walsworth

Board Members:
Sheena Elliott
Shannon Walsworth
Brandi Borton
Amy Ringering

Fundraising committee:
Alanna Tabuyo
Lexi Parish
Carol Zettel

Director/Office Administrator – Alyssa Lohner

Teacher – Laura Palmer