Messages from the Board

September 20, 2019

Rising Stars Preschool Board Meetings

Rising Stars Preschool Board Meetings take place every third Tuesday of the month @ 6:15pm. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend; meetings are always open! Come learn more about our
non-profit preschool, how we operate and what it means to be a board member. Without our volunteer board members, our preschool would not be able to operate as a non-profit and provide the essential
services that we do.

We are seeking board members! If interested, please contact us at (541)536-8362 or .

*Rising Stars Preschool is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer*

Board of Directors

Rising Stars Preschool Board of Directors

President – Sheena Elliott

Vice President – Mariah Zigler

Secretary/Treasurer- Tiersa Dummitt

Member – Lynette Confer

Member – Suzanne Hrbek